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It’s CHALLENGING enough for those trying to MAKE A LIVING in the MUSIC BUSINESS to navigate streaming and the variety of ways their work is digested, to have to THEN do that with ANTIQUATED LAWS governing the process of calculation.And I have to say, we musicians are often so consumed with the art we are passionate about, that we miss opportunities to let CAPITOL HILL know what is really happening in our homes and more importantly our bank accounts. We might even tell ourselves we’ll just work harder, write more songs, put two albums out this year instead of one or see our kids a little less because we’ll tour more. BUT MORE content shouldn’t be the solution. QUALITY content should be the solution and that only comes from time, energy and PROPER FUNDING so it can be nurtured and crafted with skill and love. It may seem on the surface to be something only relevant to the music community, but it’s really all of our problem when you consider we ALL want the BEST MUSIC out there to enjoy, made by those at the top of their game.Let’s not let this opportunity to help change things slip by. #musicmodernizationact

May I steal a swipe or two of your time as we watch 2017 come to a close?This year was filled with so many great moments that can’t be reduced to a handful of photos but nevertheless I’ll try. My oldest daughter graduated and went off to college, I reunited for a tour with my band of 20 years, my new duo got to tag along and I started a beautiful new relationship with the loveliest woman. Who’s winning?!I hope everyone has the absolute best 2018! Love to all!!#happynewyear