It's very sad, however not shocking that Scott has passed today. But it appeared to be approaching for quite some time to those of us paying attention. He has spiraled down the same drain many talented artists have before him. The same trap of excesses that if not deadly at first, usually end up being so. I must say that I was a fan. Certainly his years with STP gave us some fantastic and unforgettable material and I always felt that had they stayed together they could have had a Beatles like career but with a defined front man. The musicianship, innovation in songwriting and sense of arrangement was a cut above. I was and still am proud to say I was on the same label as STP. It meant a lot to join the Atlantic Records team because I had been covering STP songs in garage bands in high school. It was like "I've arrived! I'm on the same label as S. FUCKIN'.T.P!!" So eventually I had a chance to meet him. It was brief but he was cool to me and seemed appreciative of my compliments. It was a KROQ (Los Angeles rock station) Christmas event at the Universal Amphitheater and Mb20 was on the bill. He was promoting his first solo album 12 Bar Blues, which is an extraordinarily weird and experimental piece of high art. There was nothing "safe" about it which is why I love it still and why it probably wasn't commercially successful unfortunately. His performance that night was off the charts; dynamic, sexual, engaging and artful. He channeled David Bowie in a way few can. You simply couldn't take your eyes off him. Which is what any great performer seeks to achieve. His star burned white hot that night and he stole the show. I don't think anyone who was there would dispute that at all. It's just too bad that like actual stars, the brightest and hottest are those that fade the quickest. I suggest you all go to Itunes today and buy 12 Bar Blues for the family he leaves behind. #ripscottweiland

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