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Among the many obvious reasons I adore this woman, one of the largest is the size of her heart. She's a talented musician who isn't paid nearly enough to do what she loves in Las Vegas BUT somehow she selflessly spends much of her spare time and money trying to fix a problem she noticed was particular to her area. It's a domesticated rabbit population that spiraled out of control in one site where people started dumping their unwanted rabbits. Yes, you heard me right. She seeks to educate the locals and others and if necessary, change laws. It's inspiring. Please go check out her story and the story of these docile and seemingly unwanted creatures who can't help but procreate in a harsh, unforgiving desert @tinadawnmusic #Repost @vegasbunnyrescue・・・Today we are going to kick ass, change laws, and save animals! #speakingtothecommissioner #comeonvegas #vegasstrong #supporttheOrdinance #rabbits